Castrated males


Two 2015 spring born bullocks (castrated).  They have been TB tested and ready to go.  From the Heathylee herd that resides in England’s highest village in the Peak District.

Please contact: Roy Critchlow  Tel: 01298 83659 or email [email protected]   (Posted 3/17)


For further information on any of the bulls advertised on this page please visit our Bull Evaluation page to download a copy of the linear assessment results.


Hoo’s Herd Gandalf was born on 20 July 2013.   His sire is Smoile Norman and his dam is Gatcombe Bella.  Gandalf is a lovely looking Pass bull with a great temperament.  We would consider exchanging Gandalf for a similar aged bull.

Please contact Fergus Milne on [email protected] or on 07817 853770 (posted 4.17)




David and Sue Graveston specialise in producing fantastic White Park bulls and they now have a selection of three for sale.  All are residing on their farm near Clitheroe.

Ribblesdale Churchill is a recently graded Pass bull born in April 2015 by Pantgwyn Pheonix out of Strelley Nadine, a dam who has been a great bull producer.   Churchill is a bull with a difference, he has a great temperament, you could say almost shy, and his red points make him something special.


Ribbledale Muskateer is a recently graded Pass Plus bull. Born on 14/04/15 he was sired by Pantgwyn Pheonix and is out of Ribblesdale Larch.   Muskateer is a nicely marked bull with a pleasant temperament, with that teenage glint in his eye for work.

Pantgwyn Equinox has been recently graded as Pass Plus.  He was born on  21/03/15 and his sire is Nemea Albion,  He was out of Pantgwyn Felicity.  Equinox is a very well grown stretchy bull with great temperament & presence.

A photo will appear shortly.

All bulls are from a Grade 4 TB area and are ready to go.  Delivery can be arranged.

For further information please ring David Graveston on 079 29 823 926 or David or Sue on 01200 445319  or email them on mailto:[email protected]





If you have any cattle for sale please contact the Breed Secretary Jane Hampson on [email protected] or Tel: 01926 632560

Copies of pedigree certificates (where applicable) for any of the above cattle are also available from the Society office.