The White Park Breed Standard


The White Park is a beef breed which is thrifty and efficient. It is adapted to non-intensive systems of management and converts coarse herbage into high-quality, lean, well-marbled beef. The cows are noted for ease of calving, milkiness and high fertility, while bulls used as crossing sires produce ease of calving and exceptional hybrid vigour.


White with coloured (usually black, but red is permissible) points, that is muzzle, ears, eye rims and feet. Teats and horn tips usually are black, but may lack pigment. Some degree of undermarking is acceptable, but whole-coloured and overmarked (that is, colour on the body or heavy markings on the neck) animals are not eligible for registration in the ‘E’ and ‘S’ Registers. The colour pattern is dominant.


Long or medium-long. In cows they normally grow sideways, curving first forwards and then upwards. In bulls they are stronger and less curved.

Bemborough Marcy, Mylie and Molly

Bemborough Marcy, Mylie and Molly


White Park cattle are late-maturing, but mature bulls may weigh approximately one ton when fully grown. A strict standard of size and weight is not applied because it is recognised that this depends to a large degree on systems of management and climatic conditions, and the size and weight of each animal reflects its environment as much as its genetics.