2023 AGM and Open Day to take place at Chartley Estate

The location of our 2023 AGM and Open Day has been confirmed as Chartley Estate, Stowe by Chartley, Stafford.  We are being kindly hosted by David and Virginia Johnson.   The date of the event is Saturday 17 June.

Chartley Estate has a long and interesting history which can be traced back to the bronze age.   When visiting Chartley you will find yourself standing on the same ground where ancient Britons hunted aurochs, Vikings came to plunder, feudal barons fought, royal visitors hatched treason and Cromwell’s men rampaged. The estate has the remains of a Norman castle, which we will be visiting during our open day.

Chartley Estate is also home to the Castle herd of White Park cattle.

During our annual general meeting there will be a vote on which members will be serving as Council members and Directors of the limited company.   Council members must have been members of our Society for four years.  You don’t have to be an expert on White Park cattle or cattle breeding – we are just looking for people with enthusiasm for our breed and their own views and expertise.    Meetings are held 3 times per year in Warwickshire and prior to the AGM.  If you would like to know more about becoming a Council member please contact Jane who will put you in contact with your nearest member.  If you would like to nominate someone to our Board in 2023, please complete the form below and return this to our office before 21 April:

Council Nominations 2023

We are looking forward to visiting Staffordshire in June.

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