Council Members

White Park Cattle Society is a limited company with a Board of Directors who are also known as Council members.  The Council meets 4 times per year to take decisions on the running of the Society and the development of the White Park breed.

Council members must have been full members of the Society for four years or more.  They are proposed by members of the Society and elected at the Annual General Meeting.  One third of Council members retire by rotation each year.

Council comprises the President and Vice-Presidents plus not less than six and not more than twelve elected members.  There may also be up to three members co-opted by Council for a period of one year.

Following the AGM in 2019 the following members are serving on Council.  All Council members are happy to answer queries so please feel free to contact one of them.

WPCS map of committee members

Lawrence Alderson (President ) – [email protected] – 01202 487307 – Dorset

Alistair Black (Chair) – [email protected] – 01986 948304 – Norfolk

John Lean (Vice Chair) – [email protected] – 01884 855218 –  Devon

James Gill (Treasurer) – [email protected] – 01629 534102 – Derbyshire

John Barker – [email protected] – 01189 842827 – Oxfordshire

Amy Cope – [email protected] – 07739 808505 – Staffordshire

Frank Sutton –  [email protected] – South Wales

David Bradley – [email protected] – 07891 270899 – West Yorkshire

Anthony Milner – 01530 242417 – Leicestershire

Henry Rusch – [email protected] –  07711 477729 – Derbyshire

Guy Myddelton – [email protected] – 07802 393002 – Cheshire

Co-opted Member

Jessica Bryne-Daniel – [email protected] – 07968 107272 – West Yorkshire


Left to right, Council members as in 2015 are below:

Back Row – Alistair Black (Chairman), James Gill (Treasurer), Roy Critchlow (now retired), David Graveston (now retired), John Barker, John Lean (Vice Chairman), David Appleyard (sadly deceased), Lawrence Alderson (President)

Front Row – Amy Cope, Jane Hampson (Breed Secretary)

2014-11-29 14.02.08

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