Cogent investment raises the digital bar for sexed semen

Semen sexing has been taken to a new level of efficiency and accuracy thanks to an investment in the very latest sperm sorting technology by the UK’s largest stud, Cogent Breeding Ltd.

The new semen sexing machines and purpose-built quality control laboratory will enable dairy and beef farmers to improve the way they manage their herds’ breeding programmes and increase production capacity, resulting in a boost for farm profits.

Innes Drummond, Cogent’s UK Operations Manager said: “Cogent sexed semen reliably produces in excess of 90% female calves, with conception rates that are approaching that of conventional semen.  We ensure that every single straw of semen sexed or conventional meets or exceeds our industry-leading quality standards. At a time when farm profits are once again coming under severe pressure anything that can improve the efficiency and viability of our customers’ businesses is good for them.”

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