Ditchley Park to host our 2024 AGM and Open Day

Ditchley Park in Oxfordshire is the location for the White Park Cattle Society 2024 AGM and Open Day.

Ditchley Park has a rich history as a retreat for royalty and power since the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. Churchill used Ditchley as a secret base during the early years of World War II, and may have taken the decision to export some White Park cattle to Canada to preserve the breed at the house.   The house sits within 3550 acres managed sustainably by the HDH Wills Charitable Trust which provides grants to conserve the environment and wildlife. Ditchley has been a haven for wildlife since at least 1500, creating a unique eco-system that includes many rare plants and animals and birds.

Following our AGM meeting members will be treated to a tour of the house, followed by a visit to the Ditchley herd of White Park cattle.

Members can download the papers for the AGM on the links below.

WPCS AGM Agenda 22 June 2024

AGM 2023 final minutes

Summarised Accounts for Members 2023

Ditchley Hubert