Al Straws

The Society has semen straws for sale from three White Park bulls:

Crane Majestic – born April 2009 out of Crane Hermione by Pike Beltane. He is a Pass + bull.   He is well marked and a good dual purpose bull (see below).

Broadecton Clayton – born February 2014 out of Ash Sunshine by Teilo Gruffydd.  He is a Pass + bull (see below).

Chartley Miles – born July 2017 out of Chartley Fatima by Hale Kenneth.  Miles is a Pass Plus bull (below).  His semen has been cleared for world wide export.


Straws from all bulls are £10 each for members of the Society.

UK Sires will despatch the straws and invoice you separately for the courier charge and administration fee.   UK Sires deliver to Genus every week but the straws can be delivered to any location.

To place your order please contact Jane Hampson on [email protected]


If you are not a member of the Society, you can purchase straws from Broadecton Clayton and Chartley Miles directly from UK Sires.   The cost is £15 per straw.   Please visit their website to place your order.


The Rare Breed Survival Trust also has straws available from several White Park bulls:

Dynevor Rampant – born June 1987

Sire:     Dynevor Troubadour       Dam:   Dynevor Rachel 30th

A big bull with a high rating; he was pale in colour

Smoile Albert – born July 1990

Sire:     Chartley Garth                   Dam:   Ash Satin

A medium-sized/small bull, well marked

Smoile Butler – born March 1997

Sire:     Tilgate Hector                   Dam:   Smoile Bubbles

A medium-sized bull, well marked

Toddington Adam – born May 1982

Sire:     RASE Brutus                      Dam:   Appleby Anise

A medium-sized bull; pale but bred true for the WP colour pattern

Dynevor Calibre – born May 1994

Sire:      Dynevor Torpedo               Dam: Dynevor Caledon 3


For further information or to place your order please contact the RBST on 024 7669 6551 or visit this page.


You can also view more information on all of these AI bulls on the linear assessment results