Member Jan McCourt of Northfield Farm in Rutland is looking for well-finished White Park females ready for slaughter.   Jan sells White Park beef from his on-farm shop and from his outlet at Borough Market in London.  If you are able to help Jan please contact him on 0771 281 7097 or [email protected]

Females for sale


Members David and Carol Yiend are having to reduce their herd numbers due to the availability of grazing.  They have several female White Parks for sale:

F12548 Watercombe Cora DOB 04/04/18 , bulling heifer, currently being AI ‘ ed

F 10702 Buckshead Tawe – Rana DOB 20/10/14 with Steer calf at foot born 4/03/20

F9984 Westholme Jade DOB 10/07/12 in calf due June

F11840 Watercombe Advent DOB 22/08/16 in calf due July


F12846 Watercombe Dora DOB 05/03/19

F9594 Buckshead Tawe – Honey DOB 27/02/12 heifer calf at foot born 4/04/20

F11310 Buckshead Tor – Lily DOB 06/06/15 , heifer calf at foot, born 01/05/20

F12412 Watercombe BlackBerry DOB 14/11/17

Photos of most of the cattle are available on the document below.

Watercombe Herd For Sale

For further information please contact David or Carol on [email protected] or tel: 01643 842907


The Lost Gardens of Heligan has decided to disperse of their three White Park cattle and want them to move to a farm where they can be part of a conservational grazing strategy – and a place where they can be enjoyed and appreciated.

Bemborough Layla is 8 years old, currently not in calf.

Leagram Francesca is 13 years old and is in calf to Toddington Adam via AI.

There is also a two year old heifer is out of Layla who is shortly to be registered.

A photo of the cattle will follow shortly.

For further information please contact Pip Coard on 01726 845100 or [email protected]


A selection of 2018 White Park heifers from the Beaudesert herd owned by Council member Amy Cope-Cadman are now available for sale.  They are hardy and quiet and live out all year round.  These lovely heifers were sired by Champion Pass Plus Bull Beaudesert Maximus.  All animals are due to be TB tested on October 4th.   The herd is up to date with worming.

Please contact Amy Cope-Cadman 07739808505 or [email protected] for further details


Several females from the Heathylee herd are now up for sale in Flash, the highest village in England.   There are 4 in-calf heifers, 4 cows (2 in-calf, 2 with calves), 4 two year old heifers and 2 one year old heifers.

All of these cattle are either registered with the Society or eligible for registration.  The farm is in a 1-year TB testing regime and all cattle will be pre-movement tested on sale.  All enquiries to [email protected] 


Pinkerton Ermintrude was born in May 2015 by Pantgwyn Meredydd out of Bemborough Mylie.  Ermintrude has a calf at foot, Pinkerton Clover, who was sired by Ashenfield Albi and born in March 2020.

Ermintrude and Clover are for sale with Ashenfield Albi (see Bulls for sale) and it would be good if the three of them could remain together.

For further information please contact Alec Hodson on [email protected] or tel: 07918 736605


Ten bulling heifers are for sale from the Hale herd.   All heifers were sired by Smoile Wilbur, a Pass Plus bull.   The herd is on an annual TB test, due in August.   A photo is to follow.

For further information please contact Helen Clark on 01725 512351 or [email protected]

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