Member Jan McCourt of Northfield Farm in Rutland is looking for well-finished White Park females ready for slaughter.   Jan sells White Park beef from his on-farm shop and from his outlet at Borough Market in London.  If you are able to help Jan please contact him on 0771 281 7097 or [email protected]

Females for sale

North Yorkshire

Seven breeding females are for sale near to Leyburn:

Chirk Branwen – born in 2012

Chirk Brenda 2nd – born in 2012

Chirk Bryony – born in 2012

Dardenburn Olive – born in 2014

Peartree Olivia – born 2014

Peartree Patsy – born in 2015

Please contact Ben Leatham on [email protected] for further information



Pat Milner is selling 6 heifers from the Smoile herd:

Smoile Gretal (born 04/2020)

Smoile Greta (born 03/2020)

Smoile Giselle (born 06/2020)

Smoile Gilda (born 02/2020)

Smoile Glenys (born 03/2020)

All females were sired by Pantgwyn Pheonix.

For further information please contact Jane Milner on 07973 391684 or [email protected]












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