Member Jan McCourt of Northfield Farm in Rutland is looking for well-finished White Park females ready for slaughter.   Jan sells White Park beef from his on-farm shop and from his outlet at Borough Market in London.  If you are able to help Jan please contact him on 0771 281 7097 or [email protected]

Females for sale


Member Adrian Hoskins has a selection of young heifers who will be available after 26 November when they have been weened and TB tested.  They were all born in summer 2021 and sired by Ribblesdale Benjamin.

Please contact Adrian on [email protected] or tel: 07961 852989


The Hoo’sherd herd of White Park cattle is being dispersed and all females are available along with a bull, Ribblesdale Muskateer (see Bulls for sale page).

There are four cows running with Muskateer with their calves at foot (all sired by Muskateer):

Hoo’sherd Xanadu born in May 2018
Intact bull calf at foot

Hoo’sherd Xandrina 2nd born in November 2015
Heifer calf at foot

Hoo’sherd Seiren born in June 2012
Heifer calf at foot

Hoo’sherd Annie born in July 2012
Intact bull calf at foot

Registered Heifers for Sale (Sired Ribblesdale Muskateer)

Hoo’sherd Xanthe born in August 2018
Hoo’sherd Snowflake born in April 2019
Hoo’sherd Sarah born in May 2019

Plus 2 x unregistered heifers
UK244789400064 born in November 2019
UK244789500065 born in June 2020

The herd was last TB Tested in February 2020 (4 Year TB area).

Help organising transport can be arranged.
Please contact Fergus Milne on 07817 853770 or email [email protected]


Harley Farms (South) is selling several cows from their large herd.  The cows are organic and PFLA certified and the herd is in a health scheme.  The Herd Manager is a practising vet who tests the herd on a regular basis:

Sired by Collegewood Yodel 

Ophine – born May 2019
Pensilvania – born February 2018
Ophira –  born May 2018
Ophali – born May 2017
Moniro – born April 2017
Natalia – born July 2016
Xanena – born April 2016
Prune – born  April 2016
Midona – born August 2017
Peaco – born January 2017
Medina – born April 2016

Sired by Smoile Wilfred

Xantippe – born May 2015
Ophia – born May 2015
Pandora – born May 2014
Opheen – born January 2017

Individual photos are available of each of the cows.  Please contact Jane on [email protected] to receive a copy.

For further information on purchasing the cows please contact the herd manager, Dorit Albertson, at the farm office on 01985 850462 on leave a message her mobile 07733 328118.  You can also email her on [email protected]


Sarah and Michael Matthews are selling several heifers from their Wenlock herd.  Most of these females are birth notified, rather than registered, so they will need registering prior to being used for breeding.

Four birth notified heifers born between May and July 2019 and sired by Smoile Eli (Pass Plus)

F13312 Selkirk Bruce’s II – born May 2019 and sired by Selkirk Wenlock

Seven birth notified heifers born between June – September 2019 and sired by Selkirk Wenlock

Two birth notified heifers born in spring 2020 and sired by Selkirk Wenlock.

For further information please email Sarah on [email protected] or call Michael on 07711006601











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