Member Jan McCourt of Northfield Farm in Rutland is looking for well-finished White Park females ready for slaughter.   Jan sells White Park beef from his on-farm shop and from his outlet at Borough Market in London.  If you are able to help Jan please contact him on 0771 281 7097 or [email protected]

Females for sale


Frank Sutton is selling several heifers from his Gracedieu herd.  All cattle are aged between 26-28 months and are currently running with pedigree White Park bulls.

4 Heifers:  Alice, Foxtrot, Grace 2 and Amarillo running with bull, Ribblesdale Excaliber

5 Heifers: Charlotte 2, Sunshine, Shesa Lady, Tweeter and Summer Sparkler running with bull, Chartley Jim.

For further information please contact Anna Sutton on [email protected]


Sarah and Michael Matthews are selling several heifers from their Wenlock herd.  Most of these females are birth notified, rather than registered, so they will need registering prior to being used for breeding.

Four birth notified heifers born between May and July 2019 and sired by Smoile Eli (Pass Plus)

F13312 Selkirk Bruce’s II – born May 2019 and sired by Selkirk Wenlock

Seven birth notified heifers born between June – September 2019 and sired by Selkirk Wenlock

Two birth notified heifers born in spring 2020 and sired by Selkirk Wenlock.

For further information please email Sarah on [email protected] or call Michael on 07711006601











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