Are you passionate about conserving one of our most beautiful and historic rare breed of cattle?  Then why not consider becoming a member of the White Park Cattle Society.  You don’t have to own White Park cattle to join.

Membership costs just £50 per annum and is payable in January.  Member benefits include:

  • three newsletters per year containing Society news and industry updates
  • an invitation to attend the Society Annual General Meeting and Open Day, held in a different area of the country each year on a member’s farm
  • the ability to register pedigree White Park female calves and receive a pedigree certificate
  • the ability to request a bull inspection in order to register a bull for breeding
  • the option of buying and selling White Park cattle on our website and via our online herd book.

Since the Society was established numbers of White Park cattle have increased steadily year on year, thanks to the support of the members and breeders.   Please consider joining us and helping to secure the future of the oldest breed of cattle in the UK.

When using our online membership application form you will be asked to suggest a prefix for your herd of White Park cattle.  This prefix should be one word of no more than 12 letters and be distinctly different from existing WPCS prefixes – you can check the list of prefixes already in use on this page. 


If you have any queries regarding membership of the Society please contact Jane Hampson on [email protected] or telephone 07940 713190.

We look forward to hearing from you.