These fees apply as from 1 January 2024 and they may be changed from time to time. 

Initial registration of herd prefix £50
Annual subscription: Full member £50
Life subscription (individuals only) £750


Registration of female animal:

0-3 months £25
3-12 months £50
12-30 months £75**
Over 30 months £120*

**Plus possible inspection costs

*Plus inspection and DNA costs
Registration will only be allowed after the animal has passed the inspection


Birth notification of male animal – free of charge

Inspection and Registration of male animal under 30 months of age – £125
(£45 will be reimbursed if the animal fails inspection)


Inspections on appeal: costs incurred by Society and inspectors.
Verification of doubtful parentage: costs incurred by Society and inspectors.

Transfer of ownership (payable by purchaser) – £20 (per animal)

WP Heifers 326, 327 & 328