New bull Bickleigh Quattro arrives at Dinefrw

White Park bull Bickleigh Quattro has arrived at National Trust Dinefrw in order to serve the 30 females in the Dinefrw herd.

Rhodri Thomas, who will shortly take over the reins as head stockman from Wyn Davies, said: “The arrival of a new bull has been highly anticipated.

“To sustain the Dinefwr line, we were searching for a pedigree White Park bull and we are pleased to say we have found that in Quattro.

“It will take him up to four months to serve the whole herd and we’ll find out how successful he’s been next spring.”

The young bull is from a herd of White Park cattle bred in Devon by John Lean, but his family history lies in Dinefwr.

The breed helps to manage the estate at Dinefwr, providing a natural and effective method of keeping wildflower hay meadows at bay.

Retiring Head Stockman, Wyn Davies, is seen below with some of the females in the Dinefrw herd.

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