Open day for 2019 to be held in Monmouthshire

Monmouth in south Wales is the location for our 2019 Open Day and AGM when we will be visiting the home of Council member Frank Sutton.

Frank and his family have lived at Parc Grace Dieu Farm near Raglan since 1981 and Frank is very well known in the area as he is the main John Deere dealer for south Wales.   The farm comprises 600 acres and as well as being home to the substantial herd of Grace Dieu White Park cattle is also home to Longhorn cattle, North American Bison and American Quarter Horses.  Frank has a great passion for the American wild west and the life of a cowboy which is evident in the authentic hides and artwork in the Sutton family home.

Our Open Day and AGM takes place on 10 August.

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