Member Jan McCourt of Northfield Farm in Rutland is looking for well-finished White Park steers ready for slaughter.   Jan sells White Park beef from his on-farm shop and from his outlet at Borough Market in London.  If you are able to help Jan please contact him on 0771 281 7097 or [email protected]


Registered breeding bulls for sale


Pass bull Teilo Cadgwan is 11 years old and has sired 58 calves.   His sire is Smoile Norman and his dam is Teilo Mwynwen.  Cadgwan is docile and easy to handle.  The herd has High Health Status, is PFLA registered and is in transition to organic status.   There are also 2 steers for sale (see bottom of the page).

For further information please contact David Yiend on 07802596721 or [email protected]



Birth Notified Males (Unregistered)

Please note that a birth notified male cannot be used for breeding pedigree White Park calves.  There is a rigorous process for the registration of a breeding bull, to include DNA testing of hair samples from the bull, his sire and dam.  Full details of the registration process are available on the Bull Evaluation page. 

Steers for sale


Two eighteen month-old steers from the Watercombe herd.  The herd is in the Exmoor High Health Status, PFLA registered and in transition to organic status.   There are also some females for sale on this page, and a bull (see top of the page).  The herd can be sold separately or as one lot.

For further information and photos please contact David Yiend on 07802596721 or [email protected]



For further information on any White Park bull please visit our Bull Evaluation page to download a copy of the linear assessment results.

If you have any cattle for sale please contact the Breed Secretary Jane Hampson on [email protected] or Tel: 01926 63256

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