Member Jan McCourt of Northfield Farm in Rutland is looking for well-finished White Park steers ready for slaughter.   Jan sells White Park beef from his on-farm shop and from his outlet at Borough Market in London.  If you are able to help Jan please contact him on 0771 281 7097 or [email protected]




Ribblesdale Muskateer is a Pass Plus bull who was interbreed champion in 2017.  His sire is Pantgwyn Pheonix and his dam is Ribblesdale Larch.     He was born April 2015.  Muskateer was last TB tested in February 2020 and is currently living in a 4 Year TB area.

Ribblesdale Muskateer is up for sale as part of a herd dispersal and four of his calves are available with their dams. (see Females for Sale page).

Based in Hertfordshire, help organising transport can be arranged.

Contact Fergus Milne on 07817 853770 or email [email protected]


Lowergreen Larch is a Pass Plus bull born in March 2011.  His sire was Hale Kenneth and his dam was Lowergreen Shrike.  Larch is a very quiet bull who is easy to handle.    Although he is up for sale his owners would also consider him going out on loan, or swapping him with another member’s bull.    For further information please contact the Ashenfield Manager, Matthew Cullen, on [email protected] or 07813513893


Aberdeen Centurian is a Pass+ bull, born in March 2008.   His sire was Bonnacord William and his dam was Bonnacord Tessa 2nd.  Centurian is experienced and very calm with a gentle temperament which he passes on to his calves.  He also loads easily.   Centurian has had no issues getting cows or heifers in calf and is ready to work.  He is only for sale as he is about to come up against his own offspring, I would keep him otherwise.

Please contact Eric Bautsch on 07710 495920 or [email protected] for further information.


Teilo Henry is a Pass bull born in May 2015.  His dam was Teilo Carys and his sire was Bonnaccord Ben.  Henry is well proven as a sire with 15 calves (13 female).  His is also a quiet bull.   For further information please contact Hilton Marlton on [email protected] or tel: 07767 764851

Birth Notified Males (Unregistered)

Please note that a birth notified male cannot be used for breeding pedigree White Park calves.  There is a rigorous process for the registration of a breeding bull, to include DNA testing of hair samples from the bull, his sire and dam.  Full details of the registration process are available on the Bull Evaluation page.  


Manx Gerald was born in August 2019 and is birth notified.  His dam is Manx Blanche and his sire is Heathylee Gladiator.

Please contact Tim Rutter on 07850 347777 or [email protected] for further information.


For further information on any White Park bull please visit our Bull Evaluation page to download a copy of the linear assessment results.

If you have any cattle for sale please contact the Breed Secretary Jane Hampson on [email protected] or Tel: 01926 63256

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